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Pre-purchasing registration codes

With SCAFFA requiring payment upon registration for the conference, we've received feedback that it makes it difficult for some people to register if their department is covering the cost. To help eliminate dealing with reimbursement or access to department billing, we've been able to create a pre-purchasing system for registration codes. 

Departments may click the link below and purchase registration codes that will cover the cost of registration for the conference through the site. A discount code will be emailed to the address submitted with payment with the number of codes that are being purchased. Each code is single use and non-refundable. Codes may be passed out to members of your department and used to register at their convenience.

Pre-purchase codes are available through February 18th, 2024 and are credited towards face value. Registration after February 18th, 2024 will be $75 per person and require additional payment upon registration if a code is used.

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